About the Theorist

Theorist here.  I always want to know who I get my advice from, so here’s a bit about me.  I got my start in Pilates several years ago at Flex Studio in Hong Kong after a Physio recommended the workouts as the most effective way to bring my body back from painful, back-to-back pregnancies.  I quickly honed in on the benefits and rewards of Pilates and found myself craving more and more challenge.  The more I worked out, the more knowledge I wanted.

After 4 years of practice, I enrolled in an instructor training course under the Polestar Pilates® methodology at Iso Fit of Hong Kong.  My initial motivation for enrolling was to deepen my own Pilates practice and understand the theory behind it.  In other words, I had gotten to a point in my personal practice, that there was nowhere to go with it but pure geeky.  Little did I know that I’d end up with a passion for teaching as well.

In early 2017, fueled by the infectious learning atmosphere at Iso Fit, I combined my passions for Pilates, teaching and communication to create Cueing Theory.  My goal is to put Pilates into a digestible, approachable form for my clients.  To do this, I pull from not only my own diverse interests and background, but also my environment – my natural surroundings, the city I live in, the brilliant instructors at the studios I frequent, and my family and friends.  My hope is that through Cueing Theory, other instructors can find the connections I make between everyday life and Pilates helpful in communicating with their own clients; that they can utilize the blog as a resource to create better movement through better cues.

Cueing Theory: Creating better movement through better cues.

You can find me teaching primarily in Hong Kong.  For more info about that…emPilates.  You can also find me on CompareRetreats.com as an expert contributor in the areas of health, wellness and fitness.

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