Dance Your Way through the Hundred

Are your clients plagued by dread when your class sequence gets around to Hundreds?  Do look around your studio in the middle of Hundreds to find most of your clients are so focused on not collapsing, that the arm movement is a total after thought?  What if we could make the arm pulses more fun, while at the same time causing a distraction from the sheer impossibility of the exercise that clients seem to dwell on for all 100 counts?


Try adding a little rhythm.  Set your Hundreds to a super fun song with a strong, rhythmic beat (at the moment I really like Imagine Dragons “Whatever It Takes” starting about 40 seconds in – gives time for setup and prep before the beat gets going).  As the Hundred gets underway – breathing is cued, lower backs secure, shoulder blades off the mat, legs given a multitude of variations – add in the beat cue.  Ask your clients to listen to the song for a few seconds, then find the beat with their arms.  See if they can’t just turn the Hundred into a dance party for 100 beats – who knows, maybe they’ll want to keep going!


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