March MATness Day 11: The Saw

Here’s a brain teaser for Day 11: today’s exercise is the Saw, yesterday’s exercise was the Corkscrew and today’s cue is a corkscrew!

By KMJ at the German language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Picture a classic T-pull style corkscrew that never actually helps you get the cork out without an inordinate struggle.  What it does do is spiral around with it’s center with the T of the handle outstretched.

This cue addresses only the first movement piece of the Saw.  As you begin to twist the body around the spine, imagine that the trunk of the body is the corkscrew and the arms are the T-pull.  Maintain the spine perpendicular to the floor and the arms parallel to the floor until the twist is complete.  Only then should the body fold and the arms reach towards the outside of the foot.

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