March MATness Day 15: Neck Pull

Photo by Alex Read on Unsplash

Today we’re channeling the alphabet.  Specifically, the letter P.

A lot of Neck Pull can be likened to the Rollup, in fact, you can use the arm positioning of Neck Pull to progress the Rollup for advanced clients (hands cradling the head instead of straight overhead, increases the difficulty significantly).  What really differentiates the Neck Pull  for me is the goal of incredible spinal flexion at the top of the movement.

The final shape of Neck Pull is something like the letter “P” lying on its side.  – head kissing the knees, if possible.  This is clearly a stretch (pun intended) for hamstring length, but more importantly,  creating a smoothly rounded spine from tail to crown of head  is an immense challenge for even the most flexible of spines.  Often clients feel that this is a completely unattainable exercise –  giving them the visual of what the goal looks like (the letter “P”) helps to ground their efforts in something solid and relatable.

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