March MATness Day 16: Scissors AND Bicycle

Today March MATness brings us not one, but TWO exercises.  I’m going to tackle Bicycle, since I haven’t before – but if you’re hankering for a Scissors cue, check out my post from January.

As for Bicycle, let’s ignore, for a moment, the fact that the movement of this exercise is all about the legs, and let’s talk about the ribs and hips.

It’s a simple message for clients: keep the distance between the ribs and the hips constant.  While the hands are at the back of the hips to support the body to some extent, the abdominals need to put in a significant effort to maintain stability as the legs begin to move away from the body’s center of gravity.  Giving clients a concrete goal – holding constant the connection between the ribs and the hips – helps them focus on this important stability and as a result, the leg movement also becomes more controlled and purposeful.

See below for two examples of poor rib-hip connections and the instability that results.





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