March MATness Day 17: Shoulder Bridge

More than halfway through March MATness!


Today’s cue is all about getting into position to start the movement.  Now, if you’ve read the Shoulder Bridge instructions in Return to Life through Contrology by Joe Pilates and tried to wriggle into position the way he prescribes, you’ll know it’s a like trying to get into a pair of really tight jeans.  If it looks like your client is missing the boat on the setup, or is getting frustrated by the discomfort of it all, try a different approach.

Encourage your client to come into a traditional Pilates bridge first.  From there, come onto the tippy toes and walk the heels towards the sit bones.  This will cause the hips to raise and create space for the arms to find their place underneath the hips.  Once the hands are secured and comfortable, ask the client to begin to walk the feet away slightly.  Then comes the challenge – ask the client to put the heels back down on the floor without dropping the hips.

Even if this isn’t entirely attainable, the mental and muscular exercise of just having the intention of doing so, will help maintain muscular activation that will keep the client from “falling back” into the hands and dropping their weight entirely onto the hands.

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