March MATness Day 19: Jackknife

Photo by from Pexels

Day 19 gives us an extremely challenging inversion.  As if being inverted wasn’t challenge enough, now we have to swing our legs up and down while we’re up there.  Here’s a hint: recruit the glutes.

As your client manages to just about hold onto the position with the feet at 45 degrees, prompt her to engage firmly through the glutes to move to a straight-body position, perpendicular to the floor.  The abdominal (and arm and back) muscles are working overtime to balance and maintain the body’s integrity in the inverted shape – transfer the work of movement to the large and capable glute muscles.

Using the glute shelf at this point in the exercise also takes away from the fear factor for clients who are not at ease with inversions.  The glutes are so much closer to the body’s center of gravity and it’s a smaller mental gap to move from there than to focus on moving the toes at the tippy top of the lower extremities.

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