March MATness Day 20: Side Kick

Helping a client edit out movement above the hips in Side Kick is really hard to cue without taking away some of the challenge.  For instance, I often stand just behind a client’s hips to help the client from rolling back on the bottom hip and losing the “stacked hips,” but I am really give the client a bit of a crutch when I do that, aren’t I?  Sure it gives direct feedback when they are headed back too far, but it also takes away the need for that specific body awareness of their own.


To remedy this, and give clients a better chance of succeeding with this exercise on their own, cue them to “let it go.”  Encourage the client to let the body swing in its natural rhythm as he swings the leg forward and back.  This allows the client to become aware of the movements the body wants to make during this exercise.  After just a few swings, rein it in.  Ask him to edit out that upper body movement and isolate the leg swing.  With the awareness of what movement we are asking him to edit out, the client can be more successful at actually doing it.

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