March MATness Day 3: Rollover

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

The Rollover.  Today’s cue is “u-turn.”  This has two applications for Rollover.  Firstly, and most obviously, when we are at the top of the inversion, our bodies should resemble the letter “U” laying on it’s side.  Legs parallel to both the floor and our thoracic and cervical spine that is largely flat on the mat with our abdominals scooping deeply to create and maintain the curve at the base of the “U.”

But the secondary meaning can be helpful for clients who are hesitant to come out of the inversion.  Guide clients as they retrace their steps on the way back down – ask them to actually do a “u-turn” at the top of the inversion and make it a fluid, flowing movement.

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