Sand in My Pockets

Create more effective pelvic awareness and hip disassociation during bridging with this Cue of the Day.

At the top of your bridge, imagine your pant pockets are full of heavy sand.    To empty them out, drop first your right hip, then return to the top of your bridge.  Now drop your left hip in the same way, maintaining height through your opposite hip.  Alternate this way until every last grain of sand has been emptied.  Center yourself at the top of your bridge and roll back down out of your bridge.

This cue allows for an intense variation on the basic Pilates bridge.  By isolating one side and then the other, you create the opportunity for the client to mentally isolate the pelvis and gain awareness through the transverse abdominus while at the same time moving through an intense gluteal fold (glute shelf) workout.

Clients will benefit from coordination efforts, pelvic stability and tone through each of the gluteus muscles, as well as through the hamstring muscles and contralateral adductors.


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