Slam that door! – A Cue for Hip Disassociation Exercises

Hip disassociation – it’s a phrase that comes up frequently during side-lying work.  The group of movements that fit into this category isolates leg movement from the hip joint and below.  The goal is to minimize or eliminate movement in the rest of the body (the spine and it’s supports) during this type of exercise.  But that’s really hard!  The benefits are nearly endless, including making massive strides with core control.

Here’s a cue to help out with hip disassociation: imagine that the hip joint is a door hinge and the femur is the door.  Everything from the hip joint up is attached to the hypothetical door frame and is therefor immobile.  And for the movement – cue a swinging door.  The imagery not only helps with hip disassociation, but also aids in keeping the client’s leg alignment fixed at parallel to the floor throughout the exercise as they attempt to remain true to the basic construction of the door and hinge.

Add tempo or intention to these movements by cueing the client to slam the door!


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