Your Best Clutch Handbag

This cue comes from a great Pilates instructor and friend, Emma Wilson, who always knows how to blend good humor and hard work in her classes.  It will be a favorite with your lady clients.  Have the client imagine her most sparkly, sleek, slim clutch handbag.  Then have her imagine she is holding two glasses of champagne (one for her date of course).  Where does she put her clutch?  Between her arm and her ribcage and then hold on like hell so it doesn’t drop!

As a cue, this one helps a client to pinpoint some key stability muscles while moving through exercises in which weight bearing through the upper extremities is required.  It creates stiffness (readiness, support) through both the anterior and posterior shoulder muscle groups, as well as firing posterior oblique slings (latissimus dorsi, thoracolumbar fascia and even the contralateral gluteus maximus).

From a joint perspective, this cue will create the proper alignment of the shoulder joints, particularly the scapulothoracic joint during upper extremity weight bearing.

As an added bonus, this cue can help the client to work towards the midline, beginning with the extremities.


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