March MATness Day 27: Boomerang

I can’t help but geek out over Boomerang.  If anything is more my passion than Pilates, it’s MOVEMENT in general.  Boomerang is such a great movement integration exercise.  It’s one of the few in Pilates’ original mat work that explicitly calls for a sequence of previous exercises in a choreographed movement.  Spine Stretch, Rollover, Teaser. All mashed together, yet beautifully highlighted.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

That’s where today’s cue comes in.  Break it down to the building blocks.  Any time you create a movement sequence for a client to work through – and I LOVE to do this for clients – it is really helpful to start with the pieces and string them together for a final few reps of pure flowing movement.  You can refer to earlier exercises in the class if you’ve done a piece of the sequence already, or you can do the exercises in order just before stacking them together to create a fluid a movement.

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