March MATness Day 7: Double Leg Stretch

Coil, outstretch, recoil. Coil, outstretch, recoil.  Coil, outstretch, recoil.  What do you picture?  I know, me too, a New Year’s Eve party with party blowers and confetti.  Can you hear it –  that festive, yet incredibly annoying kazoo sound?

Source: @TeamUSA The Official GIPHY of the United States Olympic Committee.

What on earth is she talking about, you say?  7 Days of March MATness and she’s lost her mind!  Maybe, but think about the symmetry between the party blower and Double Leg Stretch is worth mentioning.  The body is curled up (“doubled-up” as Joe Pilates puts it) and then, as the legs and arms extend, the muscles along the entire body become engaged and firm, just like the party blower when you fill it with air.

A quick technical note: the metaphor of the party blower will initiate breathing sequencing like this: exhale to extend, inhale to recoil.  This is opposite to what Joe Pilates prescribes in his original text.  I suggest trying both breathing patterns to see what works best.

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