Like Honey

One of my biggest pet peeves is when clients move their extremities through an exercise as if they are floating on a cloud, weightless. When you ask them to beat their arms and they just sort of flap them. Or when you ask them to move their legs up and down, they look around wondering if they’re doing it right because it’s so easy. Well, the truth is, they’re not…doing it right.

In our training, we’re taught to move through an exercise with intention, but what does that really mean? Remember all of that theory about muscles stiffening to prepare for a load? Joseph Pilates’ mantra was “as much as necessary, as little as possible,” but, what if there isn’t any load – like when we’re moving our arms through arm arcs or pointing and flexing our foot as we move our straight leg through space?

Try giving the client an imaginary load to think about. Have the client imagine that he or she is moving those arms and legs through the thickest honey. So sticky and viscous that they really have to work to get the body to move through it. See if that doesn’t fire up some extra effort!

Another thing to note here: this is a great time to throw in some guided resistance tactile cues!


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