March MATness Day 9: Rocker with Open Legs

Pulley system.  Open Leg Rocker is a TOTAL body exercise.  The coordination of muscles and positioning of the spine are so key to being successful, but I would argue that focusing on one surprising area can help clients “get up” from the bottom of this movement.  That area is the back of the legs.  At the very bottom-most point of the movement, when the sit bones are the highest point of the body, ask clients to initiate the return with the glutes and hamstrings.  The pull of these powerful muscles against the fixed arms will pull the whole body smoothly back up to the top of the Rocker.  Like a pulley system, pull the legs down, to pull the body up.


Give it a try, it takes a few times to hone in on the awareness of turning on the backs of the legs in this position, but trying to pull the legs from the grasp of the hands is a good way to get started.

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