March MATness Day 29: Rocking

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Hang in there – just 3 more days of March MATness!  But also, Hang On.  Our cue today is all about letting the legs to the work and take the thoracic spine for a ride.

We’ve all had that stretch or pose in yoga that we really just need a partner to help us get into and deepen.  For Rocking, think of your Legs as that partner.  Your Spine is getting a boost from your powerful Legs.  Help your client get into position to begin the Rocking exercise with each hand holding firmly to the foot or ankle.

Now cue the client to move only his or her legs – attempting to straighten them.  Just as a partner in yoga can help you get into a position without overtly increasing effort on your part, your legs, as they attempt to straighten, will pull the shoulders back and the spine into extension without extraordinary effort from the trunk muscles.  This exercise should really make your quads burn!

To add the rocking movement, stay with the legs.  A quick flick of the legs away from the body and then release should get the rocking going and avoid the “head bobbing” that is so common.

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