Streeeetch! – Creating length through the extremities

As pilates instructors, we talk a lot about lengthening.  And often times a client does leave the class thinking “I do feel taller!” But how can we get our clients to really connect with our cue for lengthening, in the moment?  We say “reeeeeach towards the opposite wall” or “lengthen out of your joints,” but do clients really get it?  I’m not sure.  In fact, I’m not sure I really got it until I was at the physio and he said this to me: “Create the feeling of that first stretch in bed in the morning as you lengthen and stretch each extremity to wake up your body.”

What a simple, relatable cue.  Everyone knows that amazing feeling when you first stretch for the day.  It feels as if your limbs might actually reach so far that they detach themselves.  This is what we want our clients to strive for!  The ultimate reach.  The “morning stretch” even has a scientific name: pandiculation.  Go for it, try it yourself.  See if the association doesn’t just get you to reach a little bit further!

Warning: trying to recreate that morning stretch goodness may induce yawning!


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