March MATness Day 12: The Swan-Dive

For many, the Swan-Dive is the most challenging of the original repertoire.  Maybe people tend to be weary of their lower backs, maybe they are envisioning a bloody nose as they rock too far forward and smack their face on the floor (for the record, I have never seen this happen!), or maybe it’s just that this movement is REALLY REALLY difficult.  Whatever the reason is, Swan Dive poses a unique challenge.

Photo by Jan Traid on Unsplash

There is a split second before you release the hands and allow the body to rock forward, when everyone thinks “maybe I”ll just stick with the prep.”  But then people just go.  If you’ve ever been cliff jumping, the feeling is similar to that moment when your toes hang over the edge of the rock and have a split-second second thought.  But then you just jump.

That feeling has a name – Leap of Faith.  Next time your client comes to the top of Swan Prep, avoid the rhythm-squashing hesitation by encouraging him to just Leap.

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