March MATness Day 21: Teaser

Today’s cue is purely tactile.  The most challenging part of the original version of the Teaser is keeping your legs still and suspended while moving the torso from the v-shape to the floor and back again.  Most clients don’t even realize that their feet are moving!

To help them practice doing the exercise without any foot movement, try a simple tactile cue.

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In a one-on-one setting, use your hands to act as a cup for the heels of your client’s feet (hopefully you won’t need to hold your breath!), once they are suspended in the right position.  As the client rolls his spine down onto the floor and then back up again, it will be clear when the leg movement happens due to the tactile feedback and he can work to edit out the impulse.

In a group setting, clients can line up with their feet towards a wall or mirror.  They can scoot their sit bones close enough to the wall for their feet to barely touch the wall once they’re in the Teaser position.  The wall feedback will work the same way as your hands worked for the single client.

A note about adjustments – to begin with, the client may need to take a lower leg position than they are used to (either at the wall or in your hands).  The higher up the feet are suspended, the more challenging the movement will be. To avoid frustration, consider starting with the heels about four inches below the client’s natural Teaser pose.

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